Our Hangover Prevention & Recovery Remedy helps to prevent hangovers and aid in recovery from ‘the night before’.  Excessive alcohol consumption can cause headaches, dehydration, gastric discomfort, and stress on one’s liver from breaking down alcohol for elimination.

So, if you had one too many, take our natural Hangover Remedy packed with Zeolite and Calcium to absorb excess alcohol and toxins, Fulvic acid to replace essential vitamins, minerals and electrolytes and Reishi mushroom to protect your liver.

Sfera Hangover remedy

  • One capsule provides:

    Zeolite and Calcium Montmorillonite              200mg

    Fulvic acid                                                       50mg

    Reishi Mushroom (Ganoderma ludicum)         50mg


    Take 4 capsules as supplement before going to bed after a night of indulgence with a big glass of water. Another 4 capsules can be taken in the morning after.